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Sequel to a great fighting game with a cute ninja character.

(Played: 3 301)

Race around as either the Monkey (from Monkey Lander), Zed, or 3 Foot Ninja. ...

(Played: 1 725)

Basket Champs is the brand new game from the developer of Foot Chinko. Select...

(Played: 829)

Space Ninja is a simple but fun game where you have to shoot ninja lasers and...

(Played: 1 710)

Your fierce ninja is on the job to annihilate every bad ninja on sight! Use y...

(Played: 810)

Use your Ninja power to attack the defender

(Played: 1 052)

Blast your way through the autumn forest crushing enemies and stacking combos...

(Played: 587)

Rabbit Samurai is on a big adventure to help his Sensei. Your goal is to find...

(Played: 434)

More mushrooms demand being blown into spikes and off edges! 32 new fun fille...

(Played: 898)

Become the ultimate Stick Freak! In this challenging arcade game you need to ...

(Played: 509)

Are you Ninja? Prove it at this ninja Challenge race through difficult levels...

(Played: 841)

Hey, ninja - are you ready for an extreme test of jitsu? A stylish blend of p...

(Played: 714)

This guy came to your cabinet for an emergency. He was at work when a piece o...

(Played: 576)

Bloons 2 is here! A worthy and awesome sequel at last to our original Bloons ...

(Played: 9 548)

Kill The Ninja iPhone and save The samsung phones

(Played: 694)

Stealth-action shooter game with radial gravity The game is given the choice...

(Played: 564)

Chopping frenzy in Maro's pizzeria again! Orders are still whizzing in and in...

(Played: 382)

Trade in your nunchucks for a roller and a bucket of paint… Help the Ninja to...

(Played: 964)

Test your reflexes in this simple yet addicting game! Tap on the screen to ma...

(Played: 671)

Kill the enemy ninja in this Digi Ninja game

(Played: 976)

He slices! He dices! He...mines? Tag along with the crazy ninja on another tr...

(Played: 947)

Massive Action platformer spanning 45 levels across 3 unique worlds. Features...

(Played: 736)

Try to score 501 points in as less tries as possible. Click-hold-release for ...

(Played: 494)

Those insolent orcs are getting in the way of our rightful claim to this land...

(Played: 1 502)

Hey, warrior! Let’s free your friends!rnUse your flippin ability to complete ...

(Played: 572)

Kill the ninja warrior as the swordman

(Played: 849)

Fight through 20 levels filled with zombies, upgrade your weapons and special...

(Played: 685)

In Knife Ninja, get ready to stab some boards and vegetables! Swords are ninj...

(Played: 196)

Defeat rival warlords for control of medieval Japan. Train samurai and ninjas...

(Played: 556)

Chopping frenzy in Maro's pizzeria again! Orders are still whizzing in and in...

(Played: 569)

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