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Monster Battle takes you to an epic adventure that combines the best elements...

(Played: 652)

Explore seven planets, mix potions and battle an ancient space monster!

(Played: 533)

Battle monster and perform quest. This game is also great to meet friends

(Played: 945)

Combine materials to create new weapons and unleash deadly animations!

(Played: 677)

Prepare for the exciting battle with alien robots. Kill them all in ricochet ...

(Played: 477)

As the only person standing on the board after the big wave, you are the last...

(Played: 955)

12 leagues - one trophy! Select your favorite team and battle your way into t...

(Played: 580)

Monster Truck driving game

(Played: 577)

Battle the elements and defend your tree of life in this action-packed tower ...

(Played: 473)

The King's son want to revenge for the death of his father who was killed by ...

(Played: 523)

Grow and mutate your animal to fight through the stages and become World Muta...

(Played: 751)

Déplacez les icônes de monstres pour les aligner par 3 minimum afin de les su...

(Played: 658)

Big block's battle is a physics action game. You need to achive target score ...

(Played: 1 460)

This exciting spin on the turn based RPG genre sends players on an epic journ...

(Played: 703)

Click on the eggs to hatch the monsters

(Played: 1 086)

Adopt your very own monster in this online pet game! Take good care of your n...

(Played: 683)

Exciting and funny physical puzzle where you have the goal – to roll road mon...

(Played: 724)

Try to strike the computer's goal!

(Played: 594)

Command Billy and his balloon to catch fireflies and grow enough fruit to sat...

(Played: 1 467)

Monster Truck Driving Simulator game is a new, stunt truck amazing driving ga...

(Played: 383)

This is the multiplayer version of 2048.

(Played: 1 811)

Battle waves of evil gentlemen wielding the one gun to rule them all.

(Played: 673)

Race with the big Monster Truck to find the way back home. Earn money and com...

(Played: 1 009)

Collect the beers and goto the exit

(Played: 1 626)

Defend your castle in a relentless battle against hordes of terrifing enemies...

(Played: 387)

Somehow Tatertown is infested with undead. As the hero in this game, head to ...

(Played: 898)

Are you ready to become a soccer superstar? Play as the goalkeeper and battle...

(Played: 628)

Drive this buggy over the hills and reach the finish without crashing. Crush ...

(Played: 706)

Can you survive this extreme uphill battle to the finish line?

(Played: 1 477)

Help a brave space crew that landed on unknown planet to free itself from dan...

(Played: 648)

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