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Try to win the World Cup of the year 2018 for your country! Swipe to shoot an...

(Played: 756)

Train your free kick skills in this blazing soccer game and try to earn as ma...

(Played: 524)

Are you ready for FOG Free Kicks? Hit the ball into the net, through a series...

(Played: 1 698)

Choose your favourite team and challenge for the final match!

(Played: 711)

Pick your favorite soccer team and get ready for some free kick action! Timin...

(Played: 833)

Swipe to shoot and prove your free kick skills in this awesome 3D soccer game!

(Played: 817)

The popular free kick game is back with 30 levels and more defenders to stop ...

(Played: 2 694)

Train your free kick skills in this blazing soccer game and try to earn as ma...

(Played: 614)

Try to win the World Cup 2018 for your country! Swipe to shoot and prove your...

(Played: 587)

A popular free kick soccer game is back with more defenders and levels!

(Played: 2 109)

Classic Mahjong game now as html5 game. Combine two of the same free tiles to...

(Played: 533)

Monster Hospital is free interactive kids game. Our games for kids are the pe...

(Played: 754)

Vinnie's back again for another action packed survival shooter. Try to surviv...

(Played: 702)

Help the little monkey kick some goals.

(Played: 1 916)

Would you help sweet Michelle here turn her tree into a dazzling, spectacular...

(Played: 770)

Select your player , Kick the ball and make a goal

(Played: 1 136)

Basketball Xmas Fun is a simple yet addicting basketball game with Christmas ...

(Played: 813)

Do you want to be King? There is a free kingdom to conquer! Destroy

(Played: 1 007)

Kick the ball towards the yellow goal posts and try to hit the green area in ...

(Played: 678)

Choose a right direction to kick the ball.

(Played: 1 408)

Too busy or lazy to socialize in real life? This is the game for you! Watch a...

(Played: 769)

In Spectromancer, an online fantasy card game, players participate in a magic...

(Played: 740)

The classic Mahjong Connect game now in html5. Connect two of the same free t...

(Played: 9 326)

Solve thousands of crossword puzzles for free, no subscription required! Solv...

(Played: 286)

Shisen-Sho is a classic Mahjong Connect game. Connect 2 of the same free tile...

(Played: 484)

Another killer species is free from captivity and out for blood! Our favourit...

(Played: 773)

Colorful Mahjong Solitaire game. Combine two of the same free highlighted til...

(Played: 289)

Dune Tank is a cool tank shooting and driving game. Drive with this tank and ...

(Played: 1 377)

Snowball Launcher is a funny shooter game. Shoot snowballs at the snow-men th...

(Played: 1 707)

What?s inside the Zippy Boxes? Help Piggy the key-keeper free his friends loc...

(Played: 778)

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