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Brain Solver. Test and Train your brain by Solving the 9 mini games.

(Played: 1 035)

Train your free kick skills in this blazing soccer game and try to earn as ma...

(Played: 533)

Train yourself to be a professional shooter

(Played: 1 248)

Looking for a fun and relaxing puzzle experience? Then take a break and train...

(Played: 699)

Help to collect all aims (bag with gold) and become rich.

(Played: 665)

Piggy the baker always loves to arrange cute cakes. But when the mice came an...

(Played: 310)

Control railway traffic without crashing any trains.

(Played: 1 991)

Train your brain in this challening puzzle game and guide the ball through th...

(Played: 604)

The railway transportation is very busy. As the commander, you need to contro...

(Played: 600)

Paper Train Full Version: All the 31 levels are FREE to play now! Play it, sh...

(Played: 838)

Train your brain in 18 challenging mini games with a total of 3600 levels!

(Played: 339)

Fujin train Sinjid to fight the Fallen Army

(Played: 1 231)

Run again your train through a dark tunnel and a broken rail.

(Played: 578)

West train 2 -- continue of the popular game about a fun train on the Wild We...

(Played: 760)

The excitement and flair of the tennis world are ready for you! Pick up a rac...

(Played: 285)

The third instalment of the highly popular DuckLife series. Train up your duc...

(Played: 1 238)

Train your billiard skills and try to earn as many points as you can in this ...

(Played: 889)

Looking for a fun and relaxing puzzle experience? Then take a break and train...

(Played: 621)

Princess Bau Bau has climbed on to a teetering tower, surrounded by monsters!...

(Played: 571)

Train you billiard skills and compete against real players from all around th...

(Played: 446)

Drag the track pieces onto the gird. Form a complete rail-track so that the t...

(Played: 1 115)

Use the arrows to group the same colors, inside the squares.rnThis puzzle gam...

(Played: 537)

Train your troops and ordered them to destroy the opponent's base, build anot...

(Played: 822)

Easy game for training of memory. Remember the cells containing the circles w...

(Played: 1 022)

Train your Math skills in this rapid game. Type the correct answer.

(Played: 454)

Kubex is a brain train game where you have to identify the odd coloured squar...

(Played: 833)

Expressway is a train traffic control game.You are a traffic controller and y...

(Played: 663)

Train your brain. Follow the instructions for every mini game.

(Played: 381)

Targets will be popping up and if you don't shoot the stick figures them they...

(Played: 1 263)

Color your favorite animals - now with 16 cute new images! This fun education...

(Played: 655)

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