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GlowSpace is an old-school shooter - a kind of Raiden Fighters meets Geometry...

(Played: 1 066)

Choose to play Fano or Mao in this street fighting game

(Played: 1 112)

Practice basic arithmetic operations in an entertaining and challenging way i...

(Played: 546)

Practice arithmetic operations in this math highscores game with 2 modes (Cha...

(Played: 786)

How much do you know?! Show off your skill and compete against others in this...

(Played: 3 674)

Help student Nina prepare for a glamorous party at school and give her a stun...

(Played: 457)

Using over 150 blocks, build different worlds and share them with your friend...

(Played: 687)

A new part of popular highscores crossword puzzle, this time with school subj...

(Played: 1 574)

Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game

(Played: 1 014)

Fruit Count Math is a mathematics game. In this game you need to count the fr...

(Played: 528)

Are you ready to advance your license in School Bus License 3? Passing the te...

(Played: 995)

Create your own zombie army! But watch out, more zombies means fewer humans a...

(Played: 1 192)

Super Bus License HD is a American Scool Bus Driving Simulator Game. There ar...

(Played: 709)

On your first day as the bus driver of a reputed school, just ease with the p...

(Played: 742)

Are YOU the ultimate Super Ninja Sushi Barrel Jumper!?!? Play now to compete ...

(Played: 998)

Play as the Cupid Trainee in this cartoon shooting game

(Played: 1 163)

In Flying School you need to help cute birds learn to fly. Drag and aim to ma...

(Played: 491)

SlideTapPop brings you the fun of old school puzzle action with a touch of mo...

(Played: 633)

Highly addicting old-school lander game with physics.

(Played: 872)

Super Bus License HD is a American Scool Bus Driving Simulator Game. There ar...

(Played: 1 005)

Since the school bell is about to ring and, most of all, since it's this youn...

(Played: 1 133)

Ever wanted to surf through the boring and full of work chalkboard at school?...

(Played: 947)

School Bus License - Deliver all the pupils to school on time, without crashi...

(Played: 8 253)

Explore the mysterious Bayou Island in this charming old school point & click...

(Played: 450)

School Bus Racing is a fun racing game that shows you just what school bus dr...

(Played: 780)

Help Bad Kid to earn more allowance each week as you try to complete all the ...

(Played: 2 001)

Here's the thing – Mya (you'll meet her) is locked up in a school (you'll dis...

(Played: 2 244)

Help the Librarian to reach the empty shelf without falling the book pile.

(Played: 485)

Today is your chance to drive a bus full of passengers by dangerous highways....

(Played: 1 111)

Test your mouse skills in this old school style balancing game. Simply keep ...

(Played: 4 073)

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