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The classic zNumbers puzzle game. Move every box with a number on it only onc...

(Played: 275)

Train your Math skills in this rapid game. Type the correct answer.

(Played: 294)

Try to located the colored cell by using the given visual hints. Click to sel...

(Played: 308)

This Duck is trying to escape. Lucky us we have a slingshot to change his min...

(Played: 950)

Solve everyday new Maze levels. Find the correct path, drag the brown dot.

(Played: 211)

Drop down tiles and place according to the Sudoku rules. A number may only ap...

(Played: 163)

Connect letters and find words on the grid. The word you need to find is indi...

(Played: 243)

Find all the hidden diamonds in pairs.

(Played: 316)

Collect as many fish as you can in 30 seconds. Be careful of those logs, mind...

(Played: 954)

Balance the weights on both beams by placing weights on 1 of the beams.

(Played: 373)

A relaxing, simple puzzle game where you try to match the shapes.

(Played: 576)

Merge numbers into bigger numbers. Click on a group to increase a number and ...

(Played: 317)

Revisit the good old days as you play against the computer in the traditional...

(Played: 1 394)

Complete the crosswords puzzle. Select the correct letter for the empty spots...

(Played: 192)

Play daily Nonogram puzzles. Color the grid and reveal an image. At the top o...

(Played: 1 548)

Combine numbers and try to reach 10. Click on a group of two or more of the s...

(Played: 118)

Pair Zoobies in this Memory game. Pair two of the same Zoobies.

(Played: 227)

Everyday a new shinro. Place all marbles by using the given hints. Read the i...

(Played: 237)

Puzzle mind bending platformer.

(Played: 588)

Daily Sudoku game with an additional rule for the diagonals. Every day new su...

(Played: 853)

Everyday new Loop puzzles. Create a single loop by using the hints.

(Played: 296)

Become the Ojello master mind! Slice the jelly in pieces and free all golden ...

(Played: 452)

Connect all the light bulbs with each other and also with the main battery. Y...

(Played: 270)

Super Monkey rockets out on a brand new mind-bendingly over the top scrolling...

(Played: 603)

Find the object that is not in the picture in terms of color or shape. Click ...

(Played: 277)

Daily nonogram puzzles in different sizes. Use the hints in the rows and colu...

(Played: 253)

Complete a track from start to finish using the given hints on the left and top.

(Played: 396)

What lies beneath the ancient Inca ruins in the mines of Kazarakt remains a m...

(Played: 819)

1010 game with cats. Drag and rotate shapes and reach the indicated goal.

(Played: 197)

Connect all lamps to the central battery by rotating the grid squares.

(Played: 285)

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  1. Bloons (99 689 times)
  2. Snowy (47 245 times)
  3. Blocked (44 656 times)
  4. Apple Shooter (37 696 times)
  5. 3d Motorbike Racing (28 992 times)
  6. 12 Swap (26 905 times)
  7. Tom and Jerry Bowling (25 633 times)
  8. Autobahn (24 464 times)
  9. GioKando Ball Fight (19 418 times)
  10. Choose a Girl (18 672 times)


  1. Winter Adventures (42 times)
  2. Sweet Candy (48 times)
  3. Police Car Simulator 3d (37 times)
  4. Extreme Car Driving Simulator 1 (38 times)
  5. King Rugni Tower Defense (40 times)
  6. Farm Town (39 times)
  7. Police cop driver simulator (45 times)
  8. Circus Hidden Numbers (41 times)
  9. Dash Masters (292 times)
  10. Drip Drop (300 times)

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