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Prince Agnor is on his way to propose to the Princess of Morrowrock...

(Played: 287)

Everything is frozen around you! Search and find something interesting...

(Played: 592)

They come at night, they steal and they make a mess...

(Played: 391)

A famous actor left his villa doors open...

(Played: 384)

The train was robbed just outside of town...

(Played: 335)

This temple is full of ancient priceless artifacts...

(Played: 289)

Try a new challenge in this Hidden Object Game. This time the game theme is W...

(Played: 482)

Find the hidden explosive devices in the house....

(Played: 563)

Miss Bagana, a famous fashion designer just reported a break in...

(Played: 397)

Stay a while and explore this hidden desert oasis...

(Played: 334)

You are invited in the Theater of Magic!

(Played: 327)

If you enjoy playing car parking games, then this game by Free-Hidden-Object....

(Played: 599)

Find the object that is not in the picture in terms of color or shape. Click ...

(Played: 207)

Use the mouse to click on and find the objects in the zombie scenes

(Played: 642)

Catch the falling object in this politic games

(Played: 726)

Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to...

(Played: 892)

P. Booty has got his hands on a stolen treasure map. Find all the treasures h...

(Played: 453)

GamesNovel - Now develop games for client. We mostly develop the girls and pu...

(Played: 567)

Wonderland Chapter 11 is a beautifully designed hidden object game for your b...

(Played: 259)

Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to...

(Played: 864)

Find all the hidden diamonds in pairs.

(Played: 284)

Find all the hidden objects. Click to select an object. Drag to move around t...

(Played: 266)

Hi hiddenogames fans, we brought a new shooting game for you called Hidden Ta...

(Played: 583)

Drag and drop physics game. There is a total of 30 levels. All you need to do...

(Played: 504)

Aubrey is an army soldier.After a long time he returned his parental home and...

(Played: 540)

A typical farm is for sure not the tidiest place. But the farm in this classi...

(Played: 442)

Collect all the hidden objects without running out of clicks. The faster you ...

(Played: 782)

Find all words hidden on the beach. Drag on the grid to select a word and try...

(Played: 182)

You have to find five objects that hidden on the pictures.

(Played: 688)

The beautiful hidden object game Apothecarium - Renaissance of Evil takes you...

(Played: 375)

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