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Shoot the golf ball with your putter in this golf game

(Played: 1 772)

Fling the boop into the goal and try to beat 60 challenging levels of retromo...

(Played: 420)

19-holes mini golf with World Tournament or Practice mode

(Played: 1 316)

18 holes of crazy golf with windmills, water, bounce-pads, physics, level ran...

(Played: 855)

Putt your way through 18 unique courses with as few hits as possible.

(Played: 1 098)

play mini golf on your desktop

(Played: 1 014)

Become king of the swing in this minimalist golf game in retro design! Select...

(Played: 818)

Clear the cards and build the medieval tower in this game inspired by tripeak...

(Played: 2 497)

attempt to throw the disc into the cage

(Played: 763)

A classic Golf Solitaire game. Remove all cards by removing cards that are on...

(Played: 385)

Another mini golf with qeird control

(Played: 1 428)

Adventure golf… but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedos and a sprinkle of ...

(Played: 499)

Nice flash mini-golf game.

(Played: 1 131)

2D Flash Golf game with nice terrain rendering

(Played: 941)

Test your reflexes in this golf-themed skill game! Aim carefully and drop bal...

(Played: 541)

Guide this cute box to his destinattion! Use the mouse to drag him and set th...

(Played: 695)

Mini Golf with beer bottle as obstacles

(Played: 1 384)

Waves of ducks are flying over the golf course and we need you to take care o...

(Played: 164)

There is no golf ball in this golf game. A squirrel is use instead!

(Played: 1 089)

The objective of the game is to move the coin within the game area and coll...

(Played: 835)

Choose the power and direction you want to fire your ball, try and collect bo...

(Played: 1 700)

This is the sequel to the popular squirrel golf game

(Played: 1 113)

Try to putt the ball in as less shots as possible.

(Played: 640)

If pinball and miniature golf had a lovechild, this would be it!

(Played: 661)

Get as many hole-in-ones as possible in this golf game

(Played: 1 094)

3D Flash Golf game with realistic graphic

(Played: 1 004)

Pick up crates with bonuses. Need some boost for engine? Take Turbo crate and...

(Played: 622)

A fun seaside golf game of nine holes.

(Played: 1 681)

Play mini golf on your desktop. This version has a setting in a forest

(Played: 920)

Complete all 18 holes in as less strikes as possible.

(Played: 1 659)

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