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Do you know how much weight the MineCraft pickaxe or British Crown? And what ...

(Played: 477)

Hundreds of unique items are waiting to be discovered in this challenging Hid...

(Played: 219)

Break into the den of the terrorists with a machine gun! Find out hidden hin...

(Played: 421)

This temple is full of ancient priceless artifacts...

(Played: 261)

Best Candy Friends takes you into the world of delicious candy and challengin...

(Played: 433)

Aubrey is an army soldier.After a long time he returned his parental home and...

(Played: 510)

Stay a while and explore this hidden desert oasis...

(Played: 298)

Collect all the hidden objects without running out of clicks. The faster you ...

(Played: 740)

Garfield Family is a typical cartoon puzzle game. At this game you can choose...

(Played: 117)

Every rascal believes he is the king of all the rascals in the world. But How...

(Played: 266)

The classic Minesweeper game. Can you find all the mines?

(Played: 228)

Take your umbrella, put your top hat on and try to find your way through this...

(Played: 479)

The PLAY button just doesn't quit playing hide n' seek! Find it and click it,...

(Played: 1 007)

This is a click adventure game so find the hot spot to click on to advanced t...

(Played: 818)

Submerge yourself in this beautiful fairytale game, search for hidden objects...

(Played: 224)

Find the numbers as fast as possible. Drag on the grid to locate a number.

(Played: 301)

Find a way to the exit (blue circle) in 30 seconds.Move your ball with arrows.

(Played: 354)

Tap, drag and aim to shoot down candy of all kinds. Collect stars to increase...

(Played: 266)

Airplane Hangar Parking is an airplane parking game that will test you parkin...

(Played: 502)

Find the numbers hidden in the picture. To complete the game you will need to...

(Played: 827)

Playful fellows decided to play pranks and run away from you. As a young chie...

(Played: 968)

15 diamonds are hidden in the dungeons. Find them.

(Played: 1 193)

Collect items and get the highest score possible in this addictive bike game

(Played: 703)

Berzerk Ball, the expansion pack of the original Homerun game. A brand new lo...

(Played: 2 163)

Ready for some fast-paced arcade action? Press play and test your reflexes in...

(Played: 511)

Can you find all the words hidden in the grid in this classic word search puz...

(Played: 165)

You woke up in an abandoned underground chamber after being asleep for seemin...

(Played: 658)

Style actress Kristen by using the different clothing and make-up items, hair...

(Played: 145)

In Treasure Hunt lots of challenging match3 levels await you. Combine three o...

(Played: 368)

Try to reach your supervisor. Click on a connected group of 3 or more items t...

(Played: 220)

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