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Help the girld to find her way out of the maze.

(Played: 669)

Here's the thing – Mya (you'll meet her) is locked up in a school (you'll dis...

(Played: 1 029)

Explore the crazy world of bits & bytes in this fun logic puzzle and help the...

(Played: 544)

Find all the differences. Find all four within the time limit by clicking on ...

(Played: 328)

A physics-based stacking game with 30 challenging levels. Find a way to stack...

(Played: 845)

P. Booty has got his hands on a stolen treasure map. Find all the treasures h...

(Played: 649)

Memory game with a twist. Find two of the same fish as is indicated at the bo...

(Played: 949)

Let the great Jewel Legend begin! The travelers from all around the world hav...

(Played: 225)

A typical farm is for sure not the tidiest place. But the farm in this classi...

(Played: 648)

Four fun brain challenges are waiting for you in PuzzleTag! Find pairs of mat...

(Played: 457)

Do you know how much weight the MineCraft pickaxe or British Crown? And what ...

(Played: 716)

Sneaky is at the funeral of his great-uncle Paddy, when a stranger gives him ...

(Played: 527)

In this new game series you will find the same bloody violence and story styl...

(Played: 859)

15 diamonds are hidden in the dungeons. Find them.

(Played: 1 427)

The Game Description What does this little piggy love to do? Pig out! How to ...

(Played: 747)

Can you be the next Basketball Champion? Play me to find out. A great game to...

(Played: 4 241)

Memory game: Find 2 of the same fruit. Collect all fruit as fast as possible.

(Played: 597)

Find identical pairs of animal tiles, clear as many levels as you can and bui...

(Played: 358)

Word Search 2015 is a new word search highscores game with more than 700 cate...

(Played: 649)

Santa is distributing gifts to kids but with a 'Clause'. He will only let you...

(Played: 862)

5 Similarities - Find the similarities in the pictures!

(Played: 2 692)

Merge 10 is the most addictive number puzzle game for you! The player's task ...

(Played: 504)

Find all the hidden objects. Click to select an object. Drag to move around t...

(Played: 835)

Try a new challenge in this Hidden Object Game. This time the game theme is W...

(Played: 1 032)

Find all the hidden objects in Paris. Click on the objects. You can zoom in. ...

(Played: 1 206)

Design your own business card and find out what it reveals about your charact...

(Played: 512)

Find all the hidden letters as fast as possible. Click on the location of a l...

(Played: 413)

You woke up in an abandoned underground chamber after being asleep for seemin...

(Played: 874)

The play button has gone missing again. Can you help find it in each of the s...

(Played: 874)

Find and collect orchids in the cave infested with snakes

(Played: 1 430)

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