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Angular Momentum has similar gameplay to wOne; roll a ball around a maze to t...

(Played: 1 275)

Help jumpy ape Joe collect all the bananas and go to the exit in this cute pl...

(Played: 68)

tilt the board and guide your ball to the exit point

(Played: 780)

Help Beavus the beaver getting somewhere in this cute one button game. Hit yo...

(Played: 437)

You are super sergeant and your mission is to clean the abandoned warehouse f...

(Played: 2 551)

Guide the ball to the exit against all the barriers

(Played: 1 291)

You visit the hot springs for bathing and relieve tired, but when you're done...

(Played: 440)

3D Maze, where you can see only one layer of a 15x15x15 cube. Collect keys to...

(Played: 601)

Control your ball to find the switch for the exit. Try to collect as many coi...

(Played: 1 264)

This game is based on a Chinese puzzle. Your objective is to lead your vehicl...

(Played: 1 186)

Find a way to the exit (blue circle) in 30 seconds. Move your ball with arro...

(Played: 677)

Help Nuts and Bolts reach the exit of each level by connecting beans to platf...

(Played: 753)

Rotate the pipe pieces on the grid board so that the water can reach the exit.

(Played: 987)

Fun and colorfull Zuma and marble popper game. Shoot marbles into the chain a...

(Played: 612)

Break rock barriers to guide cute water drop to the exit, collect stars and s...

(Played: 793)

A fun physics based driving game where you have to get the yellow ball to the...

(Played: 2 380)

This is a remake of the classic chinese puzzle. You have to get the ricksaw o...

(Played: 942)

Find a way to the exit (blue circle) in 30 seconds.Move your ball with arrows.

(Played: 431)

A cute, pixelly boulder-dash/supaplex remake

(Played: 570)

Get your ship to the exit

(Played: 615)

Game like Rush hour traffic jam game. Use logic to get your red car off the p...

(Played: 313)

Third, the most challenging part of 3D Maze, where you can see only one layer...

(Played: 475)

Our 2 little guys were sent to explore the universe. But they were not real p...

(Played: 634)

Guide your box to the exit by using the arrow keys to move

(Played: 704)

This is a game that you can play together or alone, operating two aliens you ...

(Played: 397)

A fun physics based driving game where you have to get the yellow ball to the...

(Played: 744)

Neon Layers - Guide the ball to the exit by turning on /off sets of neon ligh...

(Played: 869)

Can you find the exit and escape the maze in this exciting puzzle game?

(Played: 256)

Mr. Clumsy has found the lost city of " El Dorado", search the gold totem to ...

(Played: 474)

A multi-level puzzle game where you need to find the exit controling your cha...

(Played: 941)

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  6. Mahjong Flowers (6 times)
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  10. Diamond Rush (65 times)

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