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You are super sergeant and your mission is to clean the abandoned warehouse f...

(Played: 2 642)

These little monsters are ready to rock! Unfortunately, the stage they’re dan...

(Played: 707)

Battle against dangerous enemies with your Thai character

(Played: 841)

Transport stones with your truck on a very dangerous road. Test your driving ...

(Played: 648)

Drive the truck on the highway. Avoid hitting other vehicles and try to colle...

(Played: 1 082)

Negotiate through the course avoiding dangerous obstacles.

(Played: 1 223)

Enter a dangerous post-apocalyptic world in this challenging platform runner....

(Played: 473)

Let your cuddly little raccoon jump up to the sky in Jump Up! - the endless j...

(Played: 638)

You will face dangerous taskrnTank which can live to the end is the winner!rn...

(Played: 432)

Mars Cannon is back with 30 new levels. Aim and shoot projectiles to eliminat...

(Played: 1 021)

Our young boy Freddy founds himself trapped again into a new and terrifying n...

(Played: 335)

Hit anyone that comes into the screen. Test for yourself which character is m...

(Played: 917)

You are on a dangerous road, dodge the traffic & collect the coins!

(Played: 445)

Get ready for this icy version of our bloody serie! This Expesion contains 10...

(Played: 502)

Icy slides , Purple sticks. Touch anywhere to become icy, try to reach the po...

(Played: 364)

You've to use all your riding skills to navigate your bike through these dang...

(Played: 5 071)

Dive the deep oceans and collect gold coins while avoiding deceptively cute b...

(Played: 463)

Quad Trials 2 is the second instalment of the popular physics-based quad-bike...

(Played: 799)

Mario always loved adventure. When you look back , when Mario still was a bab...

(Played: 1 034)

Help the Little Giant in this challening platformer, avoid dangerous obstacle...

(Played: 550)

Run through dangerous streets avoiding terrorists - counter attacking them wi...

(Played: 1 087)

Dive into a post-apocalyptic world and battle your way through many dangerous...

(Played: 417)

This time,our lovely rabbit becomes a super bomb man.She needs to destroy eve...

(Played: 698)

Explore the space and collect all trophies through its energy platforms avoid...

(Played: 443)

Grab your skateboard and enter Pixel City. Skate through the dangerous city s...

(Played: 1 121)

These crazy creatures have decided to work at a dangerous construction site. ...

(Played: 404)

You Think you have what it takes to pop every bubble on screen? Avoid obstacl...

(Played: 689)

Help the little big mouth bass fish swim down the river. Avoid predator fishe...

(Played: 633)

Challenge the best pilot over a series of dangerous and deadly missions

(Played: 890)

Help the Little Giant in this challening platformer, avoid dangerous obstacle...

(Played: 513)

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