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The third installment of the smash hit puzzle series, Isoball 3 contains 75 n...

(Played: 1 022)

The objective of the game is to try and eliminate all the blocks in the field...

(Played: 45 142)

2020 Blocks! is a playful and fun puzzle block game that will really get you ...

(Played: 1 301)

Help the sweet Critters to get from A to B! But your task is not easy. You ha...

(Played: 361)

Blocks crush is a puzzle game and you need to clear all the table. Crush all ...

(Played: 656)

Shine with your abstract thinking ability in Building Blocks, in which you ne...

(Played: 1 059)

In this game you have to beat 30 brain-melting stages by controlling colored ...

(Played: 1 466)

In the game of collapse, blocks of the same colour are remove upon clicking. ...

(Played: 2 344)

Merge 10 is the most addictive number puzzle game for you! The player's task ...

(Played: 424)

Classic Tetris game in html5. Drop down the falling blocks and complete horiz...

(Played: 494)

A 'reverse tower defence' zombie avoiding game in which you place different t...

(Played: 483)

Fun Colourfull Match 2 Blocks Popping Game

(Played: 691)

Place colored pieces into the game field to connect center and the colored si...

(Played: 1 306)

2020 Plus is the latest version of this classic block puzzle game. Your task ...

(Played: 483)

Hexa Fever Summer is the latest version of the popular puzzle game Hexa Fever...

(Played: 593)

Ready for fun? Reunite the cute colored blocks with Blinkz 2 challenge!

(Played: 661)

Remove items on the screen to reunite the two fuchsia-coloured blocks.

(Played: 715)

The well received and fun Beaver Blocks is back! Help the beavers to reach th...

(Played: 464)

Throw the grenades and catch the ghosts by standing under them. Watch out for...

(Played: 707)

Build as high tower as you can. Click anywhere on the screen to drop a box an...

(Played: 858)

Castle Destroyer - Cut the blocks and get them below the line. Play this game...

(Played: 2 152)

2020 Connect Deluxe , the most addictive logic puzzle game is back in a defin...

(Played: 848)

Awesome physics puzzle with 30 challenging levels !

(Played: 1 568)

Raise 24 out of 25 blocks as fast as you can.

(Played: 1 028)

Tetris game, drop down the blocks and complete horizontal lines.

(Played: 439)

Collect all candies and help the panda to reach home safely

(Played: 471)

A fast paced color linking puzzle game that is easy to learn, but hard to mas...

(Played: 1 097)

A simple yet challenging puzzle game with sliding blocks. Re-arrange the bloc...

(Played: 719)

Blackout blocks is a great brain teasing puzzle, with increasing difficulty t...

(Played: 892)

Make Swaps of adjacent blocks to line up 3 or more of the same pumpkins next ...

(Played: 443)

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