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Tap, hold and shoot the dot into the box. Collect stars and unlock new dots. ...

(Played: 255)

They find gold in the mountains. Oh really, lets run and digg more then the o...

(Played: 1 625)

Join Lucas the magician and all of his friends in this fabulous casino game. ...

(Played: 372)

The objective of this game is simple. Stay alive as long as possible. Using c...

(Played: 1 197)

Are you the best Smiley shooter the planet? Beat the high score of your frien...

(Played: 582)

Basketball Stars is a 2-player basketball game. In this game, you can play wi...

(Played: 156)

Mario is back in his tractor and this time, he has his friends with him too. ...

(Played: 831)

Story of this games ,your friends visit creek stone valley.All together retur...

(Played: 374)

Jump for your life, as the blocks you’re standing on gets higher or falls int...

(Played: 1 001)

Help Donutosaur get his donut! Collect candies by changing the shape of Donut...

(Played: 444)

Bob, the mouse, is scared and sad because the evil genius, Dr. Badd Cat has c...

(Played: 596)

Exercise your brain and immerse yourself in one of the world's most popular b...

(Played: 212)

Webby the spider and his friends returns in their biggest adventure yet!

(Played: 506)

Get creative with Anna, Elsa and their friends and start coloring now!

(Played: 373)

Kenny is being ganged up by his former friends - how long can he survive?

(Played: 899)

Using over 150 blocks, build different worlds and share them with your friend...

(Played: 553)

Escape the masterful blend of mystery and suspense in this all new adventure!...

(Played: 562)

Help Baby Lily with the preparations for her birthday and celebrate the day w...

(Played: 428)

Compete with your friends in this classic "SameGame". Your goal is to clear t...

(Played: 2 633)

What?s inside the Zippy Boxes? Help Piggy the key-keeper free his friends loc...

(Played: 578)

Bandito is back! Bigger, stronger and with many friends! Choose one of four s...

(Played: 560)

Help Donutosaur get his donut! Collect candies by changing the shape of Donut...

(Played: 290)

Find the right place for zombies, skeletons, and other fun creatures, for con...

(Played: 791)

Bomb the enemies and be the last to survive to win the match! Collect power-u...

(Played: 414)

Battle monster and perform quest. This game is also great to meet friends

(Played: 806)

Match molecules to prove you are a master chemist in this addictive puzzle ga...

(Played: 838)

Fip! - The deceptively simple game of hidden strategy! Quickly link these fu...

(Played: 590)

Pudding Monsters is a deliciously addicting puzzle adventure with wacky chara...

(Played: 345)

After living his life like a billionaire Hugo is missing his old life as a ho...

(Played: 1 058)

In the colorful match-3 game Best Pet Friends your task is to combine three o...

(Played: 520)

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