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Click the coin to gather coins, with the coins you can buy automatic clickers...

(Изиграни: 1 040)

A multi-level puzzle game where you need to find the exit controling your cha...

(Изиграни: 1 553)

Monkey GO Happy is back with ELEVATORS. The mini monkeys lost their toys and ...

(Изиграни: 1 001)

Santa had an accident! He lost his way and all the gifts. Help him get to his...

(Изиграни: 750)

The last 40 levels of Perfect Balance, as we know it. Balance all the given s...

(Изиграни: 1 992)

Déplacez les icônes de monstres pour les aligner par 3 minimum afin de les su...

(Изиграни: 922)

Complete the Animal Jigsaw Puzzles. Drag the puzzle piece to the right spot.

(Изиграни: 661)

This is another addictive puzzle game

(Изиграни: 1 260)

SlideTapPop brings you the fun of old school puzzle action with a touch of mo...

(Изиграни: 1 022)

Relax after a stressful day and enjoy this beautiful jigsaw puzzle game!

(Изиграни: 665)

Solving equations may look like a piece of cake to the math masters, but is i...

(Изиграни: 1 572)

Play the popular dice game Yatzy and try to score as many points as possible ...

(Изиграни: 763)

Your goal is to help green and red cyclops get to their corresponding platfor...

(Изиграни: 901)

Skyline Maker is a simple but addicting puzzle game. In it, you need to add a...

(Изиграни: 857)

Try to save all good balloons and pop all evil ones in this cute physics puzz...

(Изиграни: 2 342)

puzzle game

(Изиграни: 958)

In this game you have to beat 30 brain-melting stages by controlling colored ...

(Изиграни: 1 922)

To solve this mathematical puzzle compose an expression placing correct signs...

(Изиграни: 874)

FlyTangle is a puzzle game. Your goal is to move flies around, until the line...

(Изиграни: 1 760)

Puzzle platformer featuring a malformed marshmallow like alien.

(Изиграни: 863)

Sit back and become immersed into the world of God of Light, the game that re...

(Изиграни: 762)

Take control of your Ship. Unload falling shapes with addictive Match-3 gamep...

(Изиграни: 2 788)

Collect all the hidden objects without running out of clicks. The faster you ...

(Изиграни: 7 490)

Can you find the exit and escape the maze in this exciting puzzle game?

(Изиграни: 639)

This is a word search puzzle

(Изиграни: 1 361)

Take your umbrella, put your top hat on and try to find your way through this...

(Изиграни: 1 082)

A simple, yet addictive puzzle game. Connect pairs of colourful dots with pip...

(Изиграни: 838)

This is a puzzle physics based game. Change shape of colored fanged figures t...

(Изиграни: 1 178)

2020 Connect Deluxe , the most addictive logic puzzle game is back in a defin...

(Изиграни: 1 943)

Shine with your abstract thinking ability in Building Blocks, in which you ne...

(Изиграни: 1 515)

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