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Hungry Fish - Now guess what you have to do in the game 'Hungry Fish'... Yep,...

(Played: 1 726)

Guide the fish to their food and avoiding dangerous objects

(Played: 1 309)

Our pink friend is always hungry, he needs to eat to survive. He also spits f...

(Played: 553)

Try to collect as much food as possible, to feed the cute but hungry animals...

(Played: 218)

Four unusual creatures are very hungry. They are looking for some brain to ea...

(Played: 664)

In this fun and easy to play game you are about to be the first fisherman eve...

(Played: 77)

Collect as many fish as you can in 30 seconds. Be careful of those logs, mind...

(Played: 1 020)

Match fish of the same color and try to beat all levels with 3 stars in this ...

(Played: 289)

A fun chain reaction game with strategic system. Help the octopus to rescue f...

(Played: 1 017)

Play Power Jumper for free and help Coco the cute parrot to collect his favor...

(Played: 516)

Try to surround fishs with bubbles to trap them

(Played: 1 239)

Fish racing competition is comeback! Join the fish racing competition, do eve...

(Played: 667)

Improved version of the Fish Hunter game - play a pre-historic caveman in hun...

(Played: 918)

Memory game with a twist. Find two of the same fish as is indicated at the bo...

(Played: 561)

Rule the ocean in this addictive game as you eat fish to become stronger and ...

(Played: 530)

Try to fish for as many fishes as possible, as every sea dweller gives you po...

(Played: 455)

Visit beautiful lakes with strange creatures. Some are good, some not so. Lau...

(Played: 766)

Avoid the jelly fish and swim as far as you can.

(Played: 2 988)

Fishing Tactis is an unusual and rare mouse skill game. Here, you need to fin...

(Played: 562)

Feed hungry adorable monster named Donutosaur. He likes candies but the thing...

(Played: 192)

Following an experiment, the ordinary hamsters and other lab animals have bec...

(Played: 412)

Make Bob jump only on the food he like

(Played: 818)

Match fish of the same color and try to beat all levels with 3 stars in this ...

(Played: 360)

Hungry zombies are coming to eat your food. defent it!

(Played: 666)

Grab your fishing rod and catch a big fish! It's summer time and there's not...

(Played: 593)

Protect your garden from these hungry snails!

(Played: 1 330)

The hordes of good heroes come again. And they are hungry for gems more than ...

(Played: 606)

Your mission, now that you have choosen to accept it, is to turn Goldy the go...

(Played: 1 266)

Match fish of the same color and try to beat all levels with 3 stars in this ...

(Played: 323)

A Balloon Fish needs your help... let's swim and fly!

(Played: 498)

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