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The new adventures of Truck Loader and his faithful magnet. The Loader has so...

(Played: 1 120)

The new adventures of little but strong Truck Loader and his faithful magnet....

(Played: 691)

Show how you play basketball

(Played: 1 863)

Ready to run through an amazing path and get away with it? time to 'Try to Es...

(Played: 506)

It's a classic tunel pong game with many different levels to complete. After ...

(Played: 573)

This game is simialr to the classic Helicopter game. However, it allow you to...

(Played: 704)

use the turtle as a bridge but don

(Played: 776)

A puzzle game that required quick reflex

(Played: 857)

Twin Cat Warrior is now on a new way to explore the world. This time they nee...

(Played: 660)

Dual player arrow firing action game set in an ancient cloud city.

(Played: 664)

Play Two Cars. Try out your multitasking skills with this simple game! Avoid ...

(Played: 437)

Uber Boat - Use your depth charges to sink the enemy submarines - try to surv...

(Played: 1 549)

Milk the cows before the explode

(Played: 1 105)

Cute funny game about UFO and cows. Use LEFT/RIGHT to control ufo and its ...

(Played: 862)

Pick from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or Cream in this fast pace platform game

(Played: 1 383)

The latest “Ultimate Flying Car 3d” for all those who love challenges. Now yo...

(Played: 137)

(Played: 345)

This game will lead you in a world full of danger, undead people and a lot of...

(Played: 865)

A nice platform game "under contruction"

(Played: 777)

Mini RTS about battle of dwarvs.

(Played: 731)

Kill the bad guys and make their death look like an accident in this physics-...

(Played: 699)

Up Up Ubie Remix is a remake of the original fast paced exciting arcade game ...

(Played: 564)

The time for relocation of Principals in the Valthirian Academies has finally...

(Played: 454)

Fight your way through thousand enemies!

(Played: 1 134)

Defend your Viking village against monsters and try to survive as many waves ...

(Played: 397)

Remove the virus from the circuit board before it is too late!

(Played: 869)

This is a word search puzzle

(Played: 1 024)

Enjoy this minimalist yet challenging platform puzzle through 30 levels where...

(Played: 473)

War Elephant 2 is the long-awaited sequel to War Elephant!

(Played: 475)

Go solo in Iraq

(Played: 709)

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